The German School of Fremont
A Saturday Language School for Children and Adults

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All classes for Spring 2021 will be conducted online following schedule and pricing as per below:

C1 Level Classes – duration 1 hour online $150 per student
C2 Level Classes – duration 1.5 hours online $200 per student
C3 Level Classes – duration 2 hours online $250 per student
C4, AP and Adult Classes – duration 2.5 hours online $300 per student


New Student Registration Fee: $30.00

Tuition Refund policy: When students cannot complete a semester they have paid for, the maximum refund of tuition is limited to 50% of the tuition paid for that semester. Reason: the school has to commit room rental for the year and teaching staff for the semester. Registration fee of $30.00 is not refundable.