The German School of Fremont
A Saturday Language School for Children and Adults

The books in the German School of Fremont library are available to all students and offer an excellent opportunity to extend the learning experience outside of the classroom.

There is a large variety of topics with levels that range from easy to advanced, suitable for children and adults.

  • Children's Books
    • Märchenbücher (Fairy Tales)
    • Für die Kleinsten: Bilderbücher (Picture Books)
    • Für Grundschulkinder (Elementary School)
  • Youth Books
    • Geschichten und Gedichte (Short stories and poems)
    • Für Jungs und Mädchen (for boys and girls)
    • Für Mädchen (for girls)
    • Vereinfachte Texte (Easy Readers)
  • Adult Books
    • Vereinfachte Texte (Easy Readers)
    • Novellen und Kurzgeschichten (Short stories)
    • Romane (Novels)
    • Epische Romane, dicke Bücher (Epic Novels, thick books)
    • Kriminalgeschichten (Crime stories)
    • Biographien (Biographies)
  • Sachbücher (Specialized books)