The German School of Fremont
A Saturday Language School for Children and Adults

Märchenbücher (Fairy Tales)

C5 Wundersame Geschichten 1: Märchen Hans Christian Andersen
Suitable to read aloud to children. B/W illustrations
Georg Westermann Verlag, Braunschweig 1968
C6 Die schönsten Märchen der Welt Verschiedene
Fairy Tales by Grimm, Andersen, Hauff, 1001 Nacht and others
Suitable to read by yourself or read aloud to children. Coloured illustrations
Bertelsmann Verlag München 1983
C7 Das tapfere Schneiderlein Gebrüder Grimm
A fairy tale by the brothers Grimm, for reading and colouring
C49 Peterchens Mondfahrt Gerdt von Bassewitz
In the garden of Peter's parents lives the fat may bug Sumsemann. A long time ago, his great grandfather's leg was cut off by a wood thief in the forest. As punishment, the wood thief was banned to the moon - but he took the may bug's leg with him! Only two nice children can get the leg back. Some day, Sumsemann meets Peterchen and Anneliese who want to help him. All three start a journey full of adventures and fantasy creatures. Finally, they get to the moon and meet the dangerous moon man.
Suitable to read aloud to children. Coloured illustrations
Droemersche Verlagsanstalt, München 1959
C51 Die Geschichten der Blumenfrau Erna Voigt
Short stories of animals and people
Suitable to read aloud to children. Coloured illustrations
Annette Betz Verlag, Wien 1980
C100 Kleine Geschichten für kleine Leute, Vol. 3 Gustav Tobler (Editor)
Short stories for reading and reading aloud
Age 8 & up, some illustrations
Advent-Verlag, Zürich

Für die Kleinsten: Bilderbücher (Picture Books)

C1 Der Struwwelpeter Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann
A German classic from 1845. The subtitle 'funny and cute stories for children from 3 to 6 years' seams inappropriate from today's point of view, since the stories convey their moral messages with drastic examples.
A book in verses with color drawings
Esslinger Verlag    2000
C16 Totte und die Muschikatze Gunilla Wolde
A picture book with some text
Carlsen Verlag Hamburg 1982
C17 Die Teddy-Schule Wolfgang Schleicher
A picture book with some text
Pestalozzi Verlag Erlangen 1990
C18 Der kleine Häwelmann Theodor Storm
The story of the little boy that can't sleep at night. With the help of the moon, he rolls his bed outside the room and travels through town and country.
A picture book with the original pictures by Else Wenz-Viëtor
Lappan Verlag     1984
C52 Tina kann schon….. Thea Bank Jensen & Anna Tauriala
A picture book with some text
Hermann Schroedel Verlag Hannover 1972
C69 Na klar, Lotta kann Rad fahren Astrid Lindgren
Little Lotta would love to ride the bike like her two elder siblings, but she only has a tricycle. As she doesn't get a bike for her fifth birthday, she secretely takes an old, huge bike from her aunt's shed and races down a steep street - which certainly ends with scratches, blood and tears. But then, unexpectedly, her dad brings home a used children's bike for  her to practice on, and the whole birthday ends happily.
Friedrich Oetinger Verlag, Hamburg  1972
C70 Der Regenbogenfisch stiftet Frieden Marcus Pfister
A school of colorful small fish and a big whale live peacefully at a reef, all feeding on the plentiful small water organisms. Unfounded suspicions cause some conflict between the fish and the whale, at the end of which there is no food for anybody. The small fish realize that they have to get along with the whale, and they talk to him to settle their differences.
Nord-Süd-Verlag AG, Zürich und Hamburg  2002
C72 Die Heinzelmännchen August Kopisch
The people of Köln used to be lucky: They injoyed life all day long, while at night little elfs sneaked in and did all the work for them.
Text with pictures. This book is all in rhyme.
Tabu Verlag München    1995
C73 Nick Nase auf der Saurierspur Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Nick is a young detective with ideas to solve a big case. His friends want to help him but his biggest helper is his dog.
Beginning Readers. Large text with pictures
Ravensburger Buchverlag  1994
C74 Der kleine Bär Else Holmelund Minarik & Maurice Sendak
Stories of the Little Bear and his friends, the owl, the tomcat, the hen and the duck.
Beginning Readers. Large text with pictures
Verlag Sauerländer & Co., Aarau  1971
C83 Vater Bär kommt heim Else Holmelund Minarik & Maurice Sendak
Stories of the Little Bear and his friends, the owl, the tomcat, the hen and the duck.
Beginning Readers. Large text with pictures
Verlag Sauerländer & Co., Aarau  1963
C75 Drachen gibt's doch gar nicht Jack Kent
The little boy Felix has a small dragon as a pet. He's a nice dragon, but suddenly he grows so fast that he is too large for the family and the house. It takes a while until the family discovers the reason for it.
Age 7 to 8
Ravensburger Buchverlag    1999
C76 Papa kocht Wilhelm Topsch
Father is going to cook dinner for the family, but he is not the most experienced cook. Just when it looks like there will be no meal at all, Mama returns from her errants and brings a delicious surprise.
Friedrich Oetinger Verlag, Hamburg  1996
C77 Keine Ruh' für Vater Bär Jill Murphy
The family of bears is tired and goes to sleep.  But Father Bear can't sleep because of the noises that he hears everywhere. Restlessly, he walks from room to room, goes out into the garden, and tries to sleep in the car...
Annette Betz Verlag, Wien  1995
C78 Ottilie in Paris Rascal & Isabelle Chatellard
Hen Ottilie was chosen from her friends to sell fresh farm eggs from the countryside in Paris. Once in Paris, she is so impressed by the glamour of the city, that she forgets about the egg market and endulges into the life in fashionable Paris. When the time for the egg market finally comes, a surprise awaits Ottilie.
Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt 1996
C79 Rosie auf dem Bauernhof Antoon Krings
Rosie, a little pig, wants to bake a cake, but the refrigerator is empty. She visits her friend on the farm to get some eggs. However, there are so many other things to discover on the farm, that the day does by and Rosie completely forgets about the eggs.
Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt  1994
C80 Alles meins! Nele Moost & Annet Rudolph
The little raven is quite nice - but he is a kleptomaniac, and with ever changing tricks, he steels the toys from the other animals. They don't know how to protect their treasures.
Esslinger Verlag, Esslingen    2000
C81 Frederick Leo Lionni
Frederick is a small mouse that lives in a stone wall near a cornfield with other fieldmice. The small mice work to save nuts, corncobs, and grains for the winter, but Frederick doesn't help them. What happens when the food supplies run low?
Gertraud Middelhauve Verlag, München    1998
C82 Alles erlaubt? Nele Moost & Annet Rudolph
The raven risks to loose his birthday presents because of his bad behaviour. With the help of friends, he works hard on improving his manners. As a prize for his efforts, he earns one free wish for his birthday.
Esslinger Verlag, Esslingen    1997
C84 Wir kuscheln uns warm Elsa Devernois & Michel Gay
A hedgehog and a squirrel freeze at night - but they can't warm each other because of the hedgehog's quills. But then, the squirrel has a great idea…
Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt 1994
C85 Kein Stück Kuchen mehr Jill Murphy
Mother Elephant thinks she is too fat - and the whole family has to go on a diet and exercise.They get more and more depressed, until they decide that elephants just are thick by nature.
Annette Betz Verlag, Wien  1990
C86 Nur fünf Minuten Ruh' Jill Murphy
Only five minutes of peace wants mother Elephant, and she escapes with a cup of tea and a newspaper into the bathroom. But her kids can't leave her alone for such a long time…
Annette Betz Verlag, Wien  1987
C87 Tomis Fest Jean-Luc Englebert
Tomi gives a big party for his friends and a guest of honor - who doesn't show up on time. Can the party start without him?
Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt    1997
C88 Kannst du nicht schlafen, kleiner Bär? Martin Waddell & Barbara Firth
The little bear can't sleep because it is to dark. But not even the brightest light - the moon - gets him to sleep. No, it's the big and comforting arms of the big bear that do the trick.
Annette Betz Verlag, Wien     1988
C89 Gehen wir heim, kleiner Bär Martin Waddell & Barbara Firth
The big bear and the little bear walk through the winter forest. Little bear hears a lot of scary noises. But fortunately, the big bear always has a good explanation.
Annette Betz Verlag, Wien    1991
C90 Du und ich, kleiner Bär Martin Waddell & Barbara Firth
The little bear wants to play, but the big bear has so much work to do. Finally, they both get to play, and the little bear thinks it was the best day ever - despite all the house work they did before.
Annette Betz Verlag, Wien    1996
C91 Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt Eric Carle
A classic
Gerstenberg Verlag 1999
C93 Kasimirs Weltreise Marlene Reidel
Kasimir's trip around the world. A book with rhymes.
Annette Betz Verlag, Wien    1994
C94 Weil du meine Mama bist Pascal Teulade & Jean-Charles Sarrazin
Lulu, the little elephant, says always 'I love you so much, Mama'. 'Why?' she asks.
Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt    1998
C95 Tante Nudel, Onkel Ruhe und Herr Schlau Helme Heine
Katalinchen spends her summer vacation with Tante Nudel, Onkel Ruhe and Herr Schlau. Each of them does only one thing all day long. Katalinchen shows them, that they all can do other things as well.
Tabu Verlag, München    1997
C2 Der Rennwagen Helme Heine
The three friends, rooster Franz von Hahn, mouse Johnny Mauser and pig Waldemar, find an old cart on the dumpster and have lots of fun with it.
Tabu Verlag, München     1997
C21 Freunde Helme Heine
Real friends never part, they even dream of each other. See the example of the rooster Franz von Hahn, the mouse Johnny Mauser, and the pig Waldemar.
Gertraud Middelhauve Verlag, München     1996
C19 Ich hab euch so lieb! Carl Norac & Claude K. Dubois
Hamster Lola has very special words on her tongue which she wants to tell somone. Her cheeks are completely full of words. But nobody has time, to listen to her …
Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt      2001
C41 Ein Stern für dich Michel Gay & Josette Chicheportiche
Bianca, the little rabit, doesn't want to go to sleep and she wonders why it gets dark at night. Fortunately, grandfather knows the answer.
Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt      1997
C37 Robbi und das neue Buch Mireille d'Allancé
Robbi reads a new, very exciting book in bed. The story suddenly seems reality, and Robbi is frightened by the characters around him. He runs for help.
Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt      2001
C8 Bruno, der Eisbär Daniel Becker
Bruno, the Baggerführer, loves ice cream. One day, he changes job with penguin Fred, the ice cream vendor.
Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt      2001
C20 Bob der Baumeister - Bob hat Geburtstag Keith Chapman
It's Bob's birthday - but nobody congratulates him! Disappointed, Bob ends his day of work and comes home to a big surprise!
Panini Verlags GmbH      2003
C22 Max und Moritz - eine Bubengeschichte in sieben Streichen Wilhelm Busch
A German classic from 1865. Two boys play respected personalities nasty tricks - and pay finally with their life.
Written in verses, with illustrations by the author
Esslinger Verlag    1999
C32 Die Kanincheninsel Jörg Müller & Jörg Steiner
Two rabbits meet in a rabbit factory - a young one, that just arrived, and an old one, that has been there a long time already. They manage to break out into freedom. The old rabbit, however, feels threatened in nature and returns voluntarily to the factory.
Verlag Sauerländer & Co., Aarau     1995
C33 Der Josa mit der Zauberfiedel Janosch
Josa, the son of a charburner, is tiny and weak, and will never be able to work in his dad's profession. His friend, a bird, gives him a magic fiddle, and Josa walks off with the instrument to find the end of the world.
Age 4 & up.
Colored illustrations
tabu-Verlag, München      1996

Für Grundschulkinder (Elementary School)

C31 Die freche Liederfiebel Sophie Schmid
Silly children songs, with scores, picture notes and pictures.
Patmos Verlag, Düsseldorf     2005
C42 Lies mir doch was vor! Herbert Ossowski (Editor)
Short stories out of every day life
Suitable to read by yourself or read aloud to children. Black & White illustrations
Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag München 1986
C43 Achtundzwanzig Lachgeschichten Ursula Wölfel
Short stories out of every day life and about animals
Suitable to read by yourself or read aloud to children. Coloured illustrations
Kochs Verlag Berlin
C44 Nick und Nina Besuch bei Tante Olli Margret Rettich
Nick and Nina travel alone for the first time to visit aunt Olli. They get there without problems - but now the excitement only starts!
For beginning readers. Large illustrations
Ravensburger Taschenbücher
C23 Mukis Wunderbaum György Lehoczky
The story of a pear tree throughout the year
Suitable to read by yourself or read aloud to children. Coloured illustrations
Carl Ueberreuter Verlag, Wien 1971
C24 Ein Lachs für Simon Betty Waterton & Ann Blades
Simon would like to catch a salmon, but he has no luck. One day, an eagle drops a salmon in a small water hole that Simon dug in the beach. He could keep the fish - but he has pity and releases it into the ocean.
Suitable to read by yourself or read aloud to children. Coloured illustrations
Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg 1984
C25 Der Engel mit der Pudelmütze Otfried Preußler
Stories about Christmas, that place the biblical events in the German Bohemia of the author's childhood.
Suitable to read aloud to children. Coloured illustrations
Thienemann Verlag, Stuttgart 1985
C26 Vierzehn-Vierzehn geht auf Urlaub Friedrich Feld
The story of a steam engine
Black & white illustrations
Friedrich Oetinger Verlag, Hamburg 1964
C27 Lotta zieht um Astrid Lindgren
Lotta is asked to wear a scratchy sweater that grandma knitted for her. That's too much for Lotta, and angrily she moves out. But only next door to aunt Berg so that she can see how sad mom and dad are that she has left.
For beginning readers. Black &white illustrations
Friedrich Oetinger Verlag, Hamburg 1962
C28 Der Räuber Fiolito Astrid Lindgren
Peter is not afraid of robbers, he knows that there are no robbers in the forest - he says to himself while walking through the dark house of his grandma. Suddenly, doll Mimmi in the doll house talks to him and threatens to prove him wrong…
For beginning readers. Coloured illustrations
Friedrich Oetinger Verlag, Hamburg 1970
C29 Kater Mikesch Josef Lada
Stories of the talking tomcat
Suitable to read by yourself or read aloud to children. Coloured illustrations
Sauerländer AG Aarau/CH 1974
C45 Er war da und saß im Garten Rhoda Levine
He was there from the day we moved in - the big dog. He never moved, whatever we tried. What was he waiting for?
Suitable to read by yourself or read aloud to children. Coloured illustrations
Diogenes Verlag, Zürich 1977
C46 Das Schild an Rosis Tür Maurice Sendak
The imaginative games of the kids on the block
Suitable to read by yourself or read aloud to children. Coloured illustrations
Diogenes Verlag, Zürich 1981
C47 Anna und Susanna hinterm Ladentisch Viola Wahlstedt
Anna and Susanna watch out for the store while aunt Josefina has to leave. They are even allowed to sell the merchandise - if anybody should come in. And in fact, the customers arrive, and they all have to be kept happy and satisfied.
Friedrich Oetinger Verlag, Hamburg 1965
C30 Das Wackelzahnbuch Iwona Radünz & Thomas Röhner
A specialized book about the baby teeth, explained for children, with windows and activities.
Age 5 and up
Coppenrath Verlag, Münster      1999
C34 Das große Buch der Hexen, Zauberer, Prinzen & Prinzessinnen Songhurst/Barnham
An activity book with information, games, crafts and fun, explaining everything about witches, magicians, princes and princesses
Schneider Verlag, München       1996
C48 Pünkelchen auf Reise Dick Laan
Pünkelchen is a tiny little man, and very old. He lives in a big house in the city, maybe even in your house. He can talk to all animals, and he can understand them. But he is always a little bit afraid of the humans. That's why they can't see him. This book tells you about Pünkelchen's adventures.
Black & white illustrations
Herold Verlag Stuttgart 1975
C36 Nils Holgerssons Sommer in Lappland nach Selma Lagerlöf
Nils Holgersson, a thumb-tall boy, is spending a great summer in Lappland. Since the wild geese, who brought him there, are busy bringing up the fledgelings, Nils and his hamster Krümel have to explore the great country side on their own. Nonetheless, Nils is glad when the geese start their journey back South, he is looking forward to home. He wonders whether the little wizard will ever transform him back into a boy?
Coloured illustrations
Ravensburger Taschenbuch 1982
C38 Das kleine Gespenst Otfried Preußler
Due to necessary repair work, the church clock was off for 12 hours. Now the bells indicate midnight - the time for the little ghost to come out - while it is actually noon. Due to the sunlight, the white night ghost turns into a black day ghost. No wonder that this causes confusion.
Age 7 and up
Black & white illustrations
Thienemann Verlag, Stuttgart 1992
C39 Der kleine Wassermann Otfried Preußler
The little waterman with the green hair, the pants out of fish scales and the red jelly bag cap lives in the world of fish, snails and shells. Every day he experiences new adventures and gets into some mischief, until winter comes, and ice covers the pond.
Age 7 and up
Black & white illustrations
Thienemann Verlag, Stuttgart 1993
C40 Die kleine Hexe Otfried Preußler
The little witch is unfortunately only 127 years old, and therefore the big witches don't take her serious. Since she is no big witch, she wants to be at least a good witch. This decision starts a lot of confusion.
Age 7 and up
Black & white illustrations
Thienemann Verlag, Stuttgart 1992
C50 Jan und das Wildpferd Heinrich Maria Denneborg
At the time when Jan got his wild horse Balthasar, things were different: Families were big, very few cars existed, and you could find a friend like the stable-boy Natz. One thing has not changed since then: wild horses still exist today in Westfalen, the place, where this exciting story takes place.
Age 8 and up
Cecilie Dressler Verlag, Berlin 1957
C54 Kleine Wintergeschichten Sabine Rahn & Andrea Hebrock
Four short winter stories
For beginning readers. Large text and illustrations
arsEdition München 1998
C56 Kleine Zirkusgeschichten Otti Pfeiffer & Leopé
Five short stories about the circus
For beginning readers. Large text and illustrations
arsEdition München 1998
C57 Adlerfeders gefährlicher Kampf Klaus-Peter Wolf & Verena Ballhaus
A little Indian boy is given the name Adlerfeder by the chief of the tribe. Before he is allowed to use the name, he has to prove that he deserves it by capturing the feather of an eagle.
For beginning readers. Large text and illustrations
arsEdition München 2002
C58 Kleine Schulweggeschichten Werner Färber & Detlef Kersten
Five short stories about the walk to or from school
For beginning readers. Large text and illustrations
arsEdition München 2000
C59 Bahn frei für Mathilde Hermien Stellmacher
Kangaroo Mathilde gets a hurdle on wheels to practice jumping wherever she is. A policeman considers it dangerous and wants to take the hurdle away. But after Mathilde uses it to capture a dangerous bank robber, she and her hurdle are the heros of the town.
For beginning readers. Easy cartoon
arsEdition München 1999
C60 Kleine Ponygeschichten Marliese Arold & Anne Ebert
Five short stories about ponies
For beginning readers. Large text and illustrations
arsEdition München 1998
C61 Ein Drache auf dem Schulweg Katrin Grothusen & Klaus Puth
Julia is walking to school. Suddenly a large dragon steps in her way. But Julia is not afraid. And the dragon needs her help…
For beginning readers. Large text and illustrations
arsEdition München 2000
C62 Papie schwer verliebt Christian Bieniek & Georg Wieghaus
Papie is a little creature that eats newspaper and is in love with Isabel. But Isabel does not respond to his advances. Disappointed, Papie looks for a new girl friend - and now Isabel is broken and tries to do something.
For beginning readers. Large text and illustrations
arsEdition München 2001
C65 Kleine Detektivgeschichten Jörg Meier & Dagmar Henze
Five short detective stories in every day life
For beginning readers. Large text and illustrations
arsEdition München 2003
C3 Eine Klasse hebt ab Ulrike Kaup & Martina Mair
A small bird having a nest in Roberta's hair? Unbelievable! But it's true, and the little bird goes with Roberta where ever she goes, even to school. Before long, classmates and the teacher wouldn't want to miss him.
Age 7 to 8. Large text and illustrations
arsEdition München    2004
C9 Fußball-Freunde Andreas Kirchgäßner & Irmgard Paule
Armin and Benny attend a soccer game of their home club and are very excited. After the game, the star of the team, invites them to a special practice for young talents.
Age 6 to 7. Large text and illustrations
arsEdition München     2003
C12 Der große Känguru Leseballon Manfred Wespel (Editor)
12 entertaining and fascinating stories through the whole year - one for each month.
Age 7 to 8. Large text and illustrations
arsEdition München       2004
C13 Mutiger Ritter Kunibert Wolf & Göschl & Sartin
Alarm, alarm! Fire-breathing dragons attact the fortress. Everybody runs away. Only the little Kunibert takes all his courage and confronts the dragons.
Age 6 to 7. Large text and illustrations
arsEdition München       2004
C96 Ein Hund spricht doch nicht mit jedem Kristen Boie
Lisa would love to have a pet like all her classmates. One day, she gets a loaner dog for five days. And this dog can talk! But he doesn't speak with everybody, unfortunately….
Easy children language. Some illustrations
Friedrich Oetinger Verlag, Hamburg    1996
C97 "Oma!" schreit der Frieder Gudrun Mebs
Frieder lives with his Oma, and both of them are a happy couple. Oma is always willing and gladly playing any game and nonsense with the boy.
A good book for reading aloud. Some illustrations.
Verlag Sauerländer & Co., Aarau    1999
C98 Ein Morgen ohne Mama Anne Fine
Mom had to go to work really early - how can the kids get themselves ready for school without her? She leaves a tape with detailed instructions for the children, and they try to follow them …
Age 10 & up, black & white pictures
Verlag Carl Ueberreuter, Wien    1995
C99 Hast du Töne,Papa? Marlies Bardeli
Dad is a composer - but unfortunately, he is not making a lot of money with his job. Uncle Franz, on the other hand, writes pop songs and makes a lot of money with it. Couldn't uncle Franz help dad in some way , Marie and Jonathan are wondering?
Age 10 & up, black & white pictures
Verlag Carl Ueberreuter, Wien    1995
C101 Pu der Bär Alan A. Milne
A German translation of the English classic
E. P. Dutton & Co., New York    1968
C102 Münchhausen Erich Kästner
The fantastic stories of Baron von Münchhausen, narrated by Erich Kästner
Cecilie Dressler Verlag, Hamburg    1990
C103 Drei Räuber und ein Rabenkönig Janosch
A wild story of three robbers, a princess and the King of the Ravens
Age 8 & up.
Colored illustrations
tabu-Verlag, München    1975

Video Tapes

C35 Lyric Language: More German Family Circus
The video tape contains bilingual songs with bilingual subtitles. Themes include opposites, nature topics, and family.
NTSC format
Penton Overseas, Carlsbad CA          1993